Planning Your Garden

A design starts with a meeting on site for a walkthrough of your property:

  • Discuss goals for the space.

  • Let me know what has worked and not worked for you.

  • Analyze the site in regards to soil erosion, stormwater issues, soil quality, sun/shade and other microclimate characteristics.

  • Propose solutions for any problem areas.

  • Visualize approaches for how to transform and improve the site.

With this information in mind, some combination of methods can be used to discuss good options for the site. It might be a simple bird’s eye sketch or a more elaborate site plan. From this we can discuss various plant options, maintenance, how to keep watering requirements to a minimum, how to treat the soil, and how to correct may nuisance issues as we proceed with the design.

Projects including fencing, decks, walkways, patios, lighting, and water features, can be incorporated into the design with input and estimates from a group of talented associates.


We work with many people who have busy schedules and communicate by email, text and phone: whatever makes the project possible for you and the exchange of information enjoyable. We can work in any way appropriate to the project, and so as to reflect the homeowners preferences and hopes for the space.

We work with many budgets, with work often implemented over several seasons as needed to accomplish the improvements to the site and ideally result in a low-maintenance property. The goal is health and beauty for all seasons of the year, reasonable maintenance, and to minimize water usage in the long term.